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Unhealthy Relationships - The 7 Secrets to Reducing/Eliminating, Fast

Updated: Jan 1

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Relationships have a wide range, it covers parent-child to employee to employer. It even expands to the objects such as relationship a person has with money or cars. I remember I had a friend who “loved” his car, he saw nothing wrong in cleaning his car with our bath towel. He had a love for cars. Relationships are something we find it impossible to live without. Research show that people spend 80% of their time in the presence of others. Our aim it to have healthy relationship. The healthier relationships we have through our lives the more it gives us a more balance, more peaceful and creates positivity for us. This in turn gives the ability to function at a higher vibration, allowing our energy to flow. This positive flow brings less stress, living longer and live healthier. To reach a good frequency, our relationships must have balance in the 7 Types of Rest. Listed below are the positive affects to Rest and negative affects to lack of Rest.

Sensory Rest – having to do with our main 5 senses of sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. When one of these functions are no longer operational it can become a burden on ourselves. It is important that we pay attention to clues that rest in need in any of the sense. Our health conditions on the sensory can both be impacted and have an impact on our relationships.

Disadvantage of lack of Rest - loss of functionality can take place if indication shows there is danger or harm to a sensory. Negative/harmful relationships can be a source to this loss. A physical abusive relationship can cause physical damage such as blindness or loss of hearing. The COVID-19 virus can cause loss of taste and smell. When there is a loss of the 5 senses it can cause health problems and bitterness thereby putting a strain on relationships.

Benefits of Rest – When involved in healthy relationships, more attention is given when there are warning signs to our sensory. Warning signs cause medical attention to be sort sooner and a tendency to try to get more rest and balance in these areas. When our 5 senses are operating on a average or higher capability this helps in helping relationship thrive.

Mental Rest – The processes taken when dealing with things through the mind. This is how decisions and actions are made. Past relationships impact our current and future mental actions that will be taken. Many decisions are based on memory from past experiences or similar experiences. Mental Rest is necessary, so we don’t overload in negativity

Disadvantage of lack of Rest – a unhealthy or poor-quality relationship is more destructive than being single. Having fewer close relationships have been linked to higher rates of stress and depression

Benefits of Rest – the greater number of healthier relationships indicates lower morbidity and mortality. Strong supportive relationships give us less anxiety, sense of purpose, it also heightens our sense of feeling secure. It also lowers risk of dementia

Physical Rest – Are the outcomes the body will display based on actions, methods or paths taken. The goal is to improve body circulations and flexibility

Disadvantage of lack of Rest – Physical health can be a very big telltale to unhealthy relationships. Overeating or undereating can be the results of unhealthy relationships.

Benefits of Rest – Healthy relationship give for a better quality of life. Exercise help increase the Endorphins which reduce pain and cause people to feel happier. A person who feel happier tend to have happier relationships

Social Rest – Is the friends or relationships involvements. Can be the overdoing of being around others and it can be the lack of effort to have around people. There needs to be a balance where time is spent with other and well as with self.

Disadvantage of lack of Rest - Being around others all the time can be very exhausting and wear on a person’s well-being. On the other hand, not socializing can also be damaging as it is damping reality as there are no checks and balance. In both cases there can result in enormous pressure

Benefits of Rest – the healthier the relationships can cause a sense of belonging, and sense of worth. This decreases alienation. It allows for more positive emotional flow

Spiritual Rest – The sense of connection to GOD and our purpose. The meaning of our existence. Our relationships impact our views on the universe we live

Disadvantage of lack of Rest – not having a sense of purpose or meaning can cause aloofness, have low esteem. Brings confusion because a sense of lack of direction

Benefits of Rest – allows for grounding and realignment. It lets the value & belief assist in decision making process.

Creative Rest – Is the outpour of ideas, the awe and wonders inside, the inspiration inside an individual. Our past relationships will determine how creativity is pursued and how much creativity a person displays.

Disadvantage of lack of Rest Positive -overwhelmed, overworked, giving ways to frustration and agitation. Will impact relationships in negative way

Benefits of Rest – allows for authenticity of creative nature; reduces creative blocks. This allows for genuine in relationships.

Emotional Rest – is based on feeling towards a person, place, or thing. Our emotions are based on experiences in relationships and tone of relationships are based on the emotions displayed

Disadvantage of lack of Rest – can cause relationship that are draining. It can negatively skew our views on relationship. Damage decision abilities. Have selfish tendencies

Benefits of Rest – healthy relationship tends to produce healthier emotions. Compassion, and consideration are easier to display.

For us to thrive in relationships, it is imperative that we are successful in obtaining the substantial amount of rest needed. Rest makes us physically, emotionally, mentally capable to function healthily where our judgement is less likely impaired, our decision is less likely tunnel vision, and we are better to act upon a situation rather than take reaction to a situation. This helps ensure for a more well-rounded lifestyle.

Don’t delay! take the 7 Types of Rest Questionnaire”, see where you fall or where you need to consider incorporating rest

Also check out the following YouTube video about understanding the rest that is needed:

Rest| Understanding 7 Types of Rest GOD Ways



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