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If You Want To Be A Winner, Change Your Perspective Rest has on the Identity!

Updated: Jan 1

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Many do not realize that rest does not necessarily mean sleep. There are other ways we can find rest. Our whole being needs rest to be rejuvenated and function properly. To gain GOD’s Rest, we need to consider the Seven Dimensions of Rest. These Dimensions of Rest are required for the body to align with GOD.

Rest requires your whole being and not just your body. In medical terms, Rest is noted as behavior that is aimed at increasing physical and mental well-being. Total Rest will restore your health, enhance your performance, and achieve an amazing sense of wellness.

What are 7 Types of Rest

Listed are the types of Rest our being needs for being well balanced.

Physical rest deficiency allows for over exhaustion of the body causing aches and pain. It is hard for the rest of us to function in correct alignment when the body is out of synch.

Mental rest deficiency begins to affect the pattern of thinking of the world around.

Sensory rest deficiency effects one or more of the five senses. This in turn can put additional strain on the remaining ones.

Creative rest deficiency can cause frustration and anxiety.

Social rest deficiency is capable of elevation in tension.

Emotional rest deficiency imitates a rollercoaster ride having ups and downs with limited balance.

Spiritual rest deficiency gives a sense of not belonging, not being able to identify purpose, lacking love.

GOD's Rest

Deficiency in the Seven Types of Rest makes it is almost impossible to enter GOD’s Rest. GOD’s Rest involves peace, love, and joy. It allows for the body, spirit, and soul to have alignment with the will of GOD. GOD Rest lets you know you are not in this by yourself. When GOD created us, He created us uniquely with a plan and identity. These deficiencies cause us not to know our purpose while hindering the ability to shine in our identity.


Identity is defined as the distinguishing character or personality of an individual. It is also the qualities, beliefs, etc., that make a particular person or group different from others. An identity helps establish who a person is and views and opinions. An Identity is very important as it sets an individual apart as well as connecting or associating the person to a group or groups of people. Our identity grows with an individual from birth to the final breathe. This growth in identity can be in a positive or negative way. Our identity is influenced by the sustainability of the Rest we have in our lives. Our identity plays a major role in perception and the relationships we encounter daily. Identity is what causes our capacity and capabilities to have momentum or stagnation.

A period of stagnation can be traced to identity. Stagnation is an indication of self-perception not being in alignment with the truth. Make it a priority to look at the belief system relating to ourselves. What qualities do we ascribe? What characteristics do we openly display?

Is the identity capacity and capabilities aligning with the truth? For years society has labeled identities and placed each in categories, that anything outside these categories is considered not normal. These categories have placed limitations or wrongly defined an identity. To be considered "normal", individuals are overcompensating in areas of their lives. Society has made so many become clones in order “to fit in”. It has left several people to operate out of a place of lack. Several individuals experience deficiencies in the 7 Dimensions of Rest. Many are unable to achieve GOD’s Rest.

Side-effects to Lack of Rest on the Identity

Twisted Functionality

The deficiencies faced when we don’t achieve the Seven types of Rest highlights stress, anxiety, aches, pains, lack of creativity, negative emotional turmoil in our lives. It even causes discernment to be misguided because our natural senses are in disarray. It is hard for us to tune into the spiritual realm. All of this makes us operate from a place of lack. We focus on what we don’t have or where we are falling short. It eventually impacts our functionality. Our functionality is associated with identity. If the functionality or capabilities are twisted, then the identity is twisted. Unfortunately, many are operating under an imposter syndrome because we are deficient in the areas GOD calls us to experience His peace, love, and joy.


When feelings of negativity are escalating, it's vital to uncover which areas of the 7 Types of Rest are deficient. This negativity will affect our self-perception. It causes the view of self to be recognized unfavorably. The negative in self becomes more predominant. Meditation focuses on the lack of or inabilities of our traits. A lot of people end up having self-loathe.

Unable to hear GOD

When our awareness is focused more on the inabilities of our traits, it puts us in a position in which we likely are hearing GOD speak. Negative self-talk because of our idol. If you find your language is more of a negative self-talk nature, it is an indication that the 7 Types of Rest need investigation for deficiency.


The focus of our inabilities will cause the stigma of doubting the talent, skills, and knowledge that makes an individual unique. Doubt flows to doubting GOD and who He created us to be. Doubt does not allow us to the uniqueness in ourselves or others. It begins to diminish purpose.


The doubting, the inability to hear GOD, the negativity, and twisted functionality leave depletion of positive thinking, good decision-making habits, and an overall sense of our identity. Internally there becomes a struggle to hold on to distinctiveness. It can seem several voices are speaking simultaneously. Chaos arises when a person is confused about which "voice" to align their beliefs and thinking.

Over or Under Compensate

When we find it difficult to acclimate to an encouraging, forward-thinking speech, GOD voice, we find ourselves over or under compensating our identity.Finding our truth becomes an enormous task that seems impossible. People in this predicament tend to live under the curse of the imposter syndrome, which is a false identity.

Acknowledge the True Identity

A decision is required. Not be a clone of someone else but a distinctive individual. Willing to accept uniqueness allows for the truth to illuminate. This light can shine on areas that need our attention. It highlights areas of excellence and areas of deficiency. It is the home of “true” identity. Reaching this “truth” allows us to find Rest in the 7 Dimensions of Rest that ushers us into GOD’s Rest. The identity determines how we interact in relationships and the mindset.


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