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Identifying the Real You, uncover your hidden mask it damages you


David Benner, a psychologist, and author of the book “The Gift of Being Yourself,” defines identity as “who we experience ourselves to be — the I each of us carries within.”

Unfortunately, many of us allow others to define our identity. We are influenced by people involved in our upbringing, by societal roles, and even by religious dogmas. These entities subconsciously impact who we normally turn out to be. Who we are is not allows who we want to be. When there is a disconnect between our current state and our desire state, it can leave us feeling overwhelmed with discouragement, depression, disgust. This is not the intent of what we were created to be. Life is to be lived not we are living because we have a life. We must get out of this cycle of feeling stuck because of the influences we have allowed to characterize us.

It is time to Unmask Hidden Identity and begin to walk in our truth. Our truth is something we must define individually. Our truth should include a healthy value system, seeing ourselves through the eyes of our creator, for me it is GOD, and acknowledging our strengths and weakness.

When we realize that no one is perfect, it frees us or easy the burden from being something we are not.

To get to the point of loving our identity the following procedures are recommended:

Inner Healing – Releasing ourselves for pain, trauma, and disappointment that had plagued us throughout our life.

Dealing with Issues that have held us back unconsciously.

Energy Cleansing – Trapped negative emotions have an impact on our state of being, be it physical, mental, or spiritual. Don’t give way to sickness because you have these poor, bad emotions killing you softly.

Drive Purpose with Clarity – We all have a purpose normally birthed out of our passion. Knowing our persona, the ability to give meaning to our person and our business brand. When we understand our Personal and business brand it is so much easier to define who we are which is tied into our purpose.

What’s your best next step?

If you are needing help in getting unstuck from a life that needs change and you are willing to do the work?

Coach Bola is available to coach you to Unmasking the Identity, Transforming Relationships, and Aligning to a Kingdom Mindset to bring Awareness to your Emotional, Mental, Spiritual climate so that you can be your BEST SELF to yourself, your family, work environment, and community.

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