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You have the special gift the world has been awaiting!  The GIFT is YOU. STOP hiding the Authentic You, NOW IS THE TIME TO SET HER FREE!!! Choose Happiness, discover joy in embracing your identity, your mindset, and relationships. Let the special gift called “You” shine brightly.


Coach Bola

Ordained Christian Life & Relationship Coach

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Spiritual Recovery Coach Story

Experienced. Certified. Supportive.


Let Your Destiny Walk in Who You were Created to Be!

Personal Development & Relationships Life Coaching specializing in Inner Healing, Spirituality & Energy Cleansing that brings transformation to the female trapped in a mundane life recognize her full potential in her Relationships by achieving Clarity, Balance, and Purpose.


Attention is given to the Female Entrepreneur in finding Balance between Business and Personal Life. Our goal to help her eliminate feelings of guilt, tainted identity, and frustration and Balance it with feelings of Tenacity, Prosperity, and Empowerment. The Outcome is to be aligning to a Kingdom Mindset.

We assist the Woman achieve Purpose in her Relationships.  From the platonic (work, social, community) to the intimate (romantic mate, parents, relatives).  This Purpose is to set intentional boundaries in the relationships. This enable the Single, Married or Divorce women to eradicate feelings of being incomplete, not measuring up, or being taken advantage and move into the realm of Confidence, Acceptance of Uniqueness, and Fully Present.  The Payoff is to have  Healthier Relationships.

The intention is to assist the Christian Woman acquire Clarity in life.  Clarity that allows her Uniqueness to shine.   Where she permits her influenced identity to embrace her Divine Identity. The goal is to remove feeling of low-esteem, people pleasing, and imprisonment to having Clarity on Who she is, Whom she belongs, and her path.  The Result is to Unmasking Hidden Identity and allowing the Unique Identity to flourished.



Refuse being Life’s Victim and Create a Life of Wins, You are an Overcomer!!

Our passion is to provide a coaching methodology that inspires the woman to reach her divine nature & maturity by maintaining peace, prosperity, and purpose to live her best life and self ever. Our process is to Foster Healthy Relationships, Eliminate False Identities, and Jumpstart a Positive Mindset.  We incorporate the word of GOD to help move her from her Current State to Desired State.


 It is OK to Find and Embrace your Uniqueness and your Purpose!!

Sister, it's the position of Spiritual Recovery to assist the woman who fears life is moving along without her progressing transform from feelings of being overwhelmed, oppressed, and opposed to flourishing into a woman with Character, Confidence, and Clarity.  Our modalities of using Inner Healing, Spirituality, and Energy Cleansing will assist in alleviating bouts of depression, disgust, and discouragement to move you into a higher functioning level of being satisfied, Sociable, and spunky. These add up in creating a lifestyle that will encompass Balanced and Beneficial and Blossoming to herself, her family, her business/career, and of course, her community so she can live that life she desires.

We focus on her

Identity – Embracing Uniqueness

Relationships – Installing Borders

Kingdom Mindset - Encouraging Progressive Thinking



Be a Thermostat and Not a Thermometer!

Spiritual Recovery Coach intends to bring the woman into the awareness of her Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual climate so that she allows herself to walk in Stability, Stance, & Success.  You must set intentions for your desired life, and you have the right to refusing others from trying to dictate, regulate, and alter your outcome for living a destiny fulfilled life.

Transitional Works

Inner Healing – healing from emotional trauma, pain, and/or disappointment

Energy Cleansing – handling emotions, balance your energy

Spirituality – Knowing and understanding your Source

Drive Purpose with Clarity – awareness of your unique personal and your business brand

Hidden Identity - Walking in your truth, knowing who you are

Positive Mindset – transforming limiting belief systems

Relationship Management – developing foundational boundaries

Anger Management - controlling bad behaviors



                 Create Success for Others, Not Push a Systems designed for a few!

It is our core that our coaching practice facilitate packages that are distinctive for 1-1 coaching and advantageous for group coaching.  We provide a safe and confidential environment for our clients and staff. We also believe in the following

  • Embrace uniqueness - Psalm 139:14

  • Maintain humility - 1 Peter 5:6

  • Listen, then talk - James 1:19

  • Value Others - Proverbs 28:6

  • Assess and improve - James 1:5

  • Do good - Ephesians 2:10



Not your one-size fits all approach to finding YOU!


Coaching is about helping you find the wealth in you.  It is about challenging You, focus on your future by asking you the right questions, Help you be the Best You Possible. We support our clients through shifts, through the transformation, and assist in bringing forth her greatness, her brilliance, and her power.  As a coach, I partner with you to connect fully, assisting you to create a life based on your standards and successes.  Our coaching style used is to help you stay grounded even during your chaos.  As a strong coach I will mirror back what you are saying, and help you develop a plan of what you want to be your reality.

The 3 Components of Coaching is

  1. Decision - Think of an area in your life you want to improve, change, places your hurting, problem, pressure point. We are going to look at the area and figure out the decision or actions you can take. Called the Decision or what you want to do

  2. Plan of Action- Like having a better relationship, steps on how to do it, like chronological steps.

  3. Management of the Plan of Action - accountability, help you stick to the plan, adjust the plan, never forcing but working with you.  

Why hire a life Coach

Positive behavior changes last longer

Increased creativity and flexibility

Improved performance

Making changes is enjoyable

Health and personal relationships improvement

Want to get unstuck

Move forward in life

Beyond the Past

Experience grief, loss, or a health diagnosis that has left you feeling like you are in the spin cycle of the wash

Heal your heart, but you are not sure how

Tired of hiding the “real you”, want to find her?

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About Me

Trusted Ordained Life/ Ordained Matchmaking/ and Mental Health Coach


Proverbs 18:16 A man's gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.

Our mission is to help women maximize their authentic selves in both business and personal life. I am of Certified Ordained Life Coach Minister. I assist in bringing clarity, direction, and encouraging support to clients who want to overcome the feeling of being depressed, lost, or overwhelmed. Our goal is to help our clients live their best life by eliminating the gap from where she is now to her desired lifestyle.   It starts when she embraces her uniqueness, sets her boundaries, and cultivates a positive mindset.  We assist in helping women find success and balance in life without compromising their soul or self-worth.​


My name is Coach Bola. My past had been a path of feelings of being depressed, lost, and overwhelmed. Those who knew me back then, I appeared to be a happy-go-lucky kind of gal. In my quiet and alone time, I was so unhappy at times I didn’t think I could go on. At times I would want to be invisible and other times, I felt invisible.  To me, I did not matter in people's eyes. Does any of that pull at a chord in your heart?​

Moment of Reconciliation

My moment came one day when I was getting out of the shower. I glanced at myself in the mirror.  GOD said, “tell me who you are?"   Realizing GOD did not want to hear I am "wonderful and beautifully made,” He wanted the truth (yes, hearing the voice of GOD is no strange thing to me). I began to cry.  GOD said it is time to change those feelings.   GOD started His process of Deliverance. Yes, Deliverance, that word is not a taboo word or a bad word. The definition of Deliverance is The action of being rescued or set free. I know I needed it. I wanted to get out of those feeling of being sunken and defeated feeling. I wanted a life full of abundant love, peace, and happiness. I wanted to embrace who I am and bring excitement to living.​

My journey

In this process, I discover the things that made me passionate.  I started living Who I am created to be. I began acknowledging gifts that came naturally to me. My journey had to do with getting to the root of the issues. 


Coaching was something I did from a young age, and people commended my coaching abilities. Helping people know their Personal and Business brand was something I did from my 20 (I won’t put my age now! Lol).  It is second nature to me to help individuals. I have always been about bringing the best out in people.​


I have since gone on to becoming a Certified Ordained Life Coach Minister, Ordained Life Coach Matchmaking Minister, Certified as a Destiny Coach/Mentor.  Certification in Foundations-of-Mental-Health-Coaching, Mental-Health-Coaching-Skills, Mental-and-Behavioral-Health-Disorders, Influence Smart, People Smart for Ministry, completed Level 5 in Healing Touch, Level 1 Aromatherapy, dōTERRA® Essential Oil Specialist Certification, Master Degree - Ingestion and Oil Blends Study. I completed programs in Relationship, Anger Management and MinistryBiz Skills.  I have pursing certification as a Healing Touch Practitioner and Aromatherapy.  These are some of my qualifications that enable me to coach the way I do.  Of course, I use Holy Spirit to guide me in the area.    


Loving My Quest

My quest is to help as many women find and understand their passion, embrace their” true” Identity, remove the distorted mindset, and feel comfortable with their relationships.   Living a life that someone else carved out for you (parents, society, church) can be very unrewarding. Wearing someone else shoes is never as fulfilling as wearing the shoes designed for you.

My Now

My field of expertise is as a Personal Development and Relationship Life Coach specializing in Inner Healing, Spirituality, and Energy Cleansing. I am Certified as Ordained Life Coach Minister, Ordained Life Coach Matchmaking Minister, and Mental Health Coach.  My passion is to assist the woman who feels trapped in life’s pain begin to recognize her potential in her Relationships develop in her a sense of Clarity, Balance, and Purpose.  I help transfigure her from feelings of being let down, invisible and wiped out to a state of Empowerment, Enlightenment, and Encouragement. We will focus on areas that tackle Identity, Relationships, and Mindset.

I want women to know they can stop living someone else story and help them love who they are uniquely created to be and find passion in their purpose.     

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A complimentary 15 minute  to talk about the possibility of working together.  Want to hear more about how I can transform your life? Contact me today to schedule a session.

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